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Non-Human and

Human Advocates

Common Vision is a mission driven creative studio that exists to improve the common good. We empower advocates working to improve the future for humanity and animals. Our mission is to raise the bar and use creativity, storytelling, design, and executional excellence to get the best outcomes for our clients and their goals.
We believe that skillfully crafted creative communications can help people engage emotionally with the worlds most pressing problems. We aim to use our experience to further the shared common vision all advocates have for the planet and our future.


With years of experience across digital, design, film, branding and creative campaigns we focus on the big picture as well as the smallest executional details. From creative technology and interactive experiences to humanistic strategies, campaigns that connect, film content and more. We donate a non-fixed percentage of our time to mission aligned projects.
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Creativity in

Well-executed creative communications backed by thoughtful strategies attract people to your cause or product. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to reach people and shed light on important topics. We believe that storytelling is an important tool advocates should utilise.
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We aim to advance the goal of a more optimal and compassionate future for humans and non-humans using the well-proven tools of creativity. Our client focus areas include: philanthropy, non-profits, animal advocacy, research and technology, cellular agriculture and plant-based startups, VCs, effective altruism, longtermist projects and more.
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Our Work

We consolidated all Edgar’s Mission activities into a single platform. Unlimited and highly flexible content management with ticketing, accounts, campaigns, advanced custom donations and fully integrated ecommerce. All without platform fees.

Common Vision


Based in New Zealand,
working globally.