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About Us

Common Vision was established with a mission to help improve the world for animals and humans. We use our skills and experience to further the shared common vision all advocates have for the future.

Our skill set was garnered over the years while working at some of the world's top creative agencies. This experience enables us to skilfully craft projects from planning through execution. We carefully consider our clients best interests at all stages. Your success is our success and another step forward for our collective vision.
Our founder and creative director Brendon Smale has worked around the world delivering numerous award-wining projects for clients such as: Google, Lexus, Toyota, Apple, Moët & Chandon, Walt Disney, Red Bull, Jeep and many more.


Our roots in digital, design, film, branding and creative campaigns bring a diverse set of skills. Unifying these for common good is our core focus.

We craft projects with attention to detail across all disciplines with a focus on design, production values and effective communication. We specialise in creative direction, design, digital, campaigns, film content, branding, and new technologies.
We design and develop high-quality custom websites from simple to advanced functionality. Slick product pages, creative interactive experiences, campaigns, advocacy, science communications and more. For donation focused sites we use an ‘own your own’ data model that minimises fees and prevents data mining.

Creativity in

We believe that great creative communications can help accelerate the shift from exploitative systems—to kinder, more sustainable ones.

One of the most effective ways of reaching people is through storytelling. Headlines can make the heart sink but great stories stick with us. Storytelling can help people connect the dots. This is an important yet under utilised tool in the advocacy space.
The 2017 film Okja is a good example and Vodafone use storytelling sucessfully in Piggy Sue, watch. Skillfully executed creative communications attract people and can light the spark that leads to change. We can help.


When missions and motivations are aligned so are the stars. Understanding your client and their perspective is a vital key to success. We start with this baked in.

We donate a non-fixed percentage of our time to approved projects that further the mission for humans and animals. We believe decoupling the human diet from non-humans can improve the world in important ways. We also believe that safeguarding and improving the world for future generations is essential.
This natural alignment with clients matters because it effects project decisions from day one. Our client focus includes: animal advocacy, research and philanthropic organisations, non-profits, technology, cellular agriculture and plant-based startups, VCs, effective altruism and more.

Other Focus

Humanity’s medium and long-term future is also a focus area of Common Vision. What can we do today to maximise the well-being and potential of future generations?

We explore ideas that can lead to projects with the goal to improve future outcomes. Creative storytelling content that informs, reaches hearts and change minds. A digital platform like shark tank that ideates and funds solutions to global problems. Creative approaches to climate change. Creative approaches to animal advocacy. Video games that are fun and encourage empathy. Advanced digital clones to reduce animal testing.
Scalable high protein alternatives to meat with highly creative strategies to further adoption. Decentralised digital identity. The issuance of secure and verifiable digital property rights to fund important projects. Creative content in the metaverse that builds empathy and positive social interactions. Common Vision is seeking funding to explore and bring such mission aligned projects to life. Please get in touch if you can help.


Based in New Zealand,
working globally.